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Tuesday 04 September, Gaucin, sunny, fresh-strong E-NE breeze, 26C: Raptor migration counts as follows:
1040hrs: 48 Honey Buzzard
1050hrs: 3 Black Kite
1120-1220hrs: 119 Honey Buzzard (groups of between 14 and 36 individuals), 6 Black Kite, 1 Booted Eagle (dark morph)
1240-1340hrs: 62 Honey Buzzard (groups of 8, 39 and 15), 1 Black Kite
1545hrs: 70 Honey Buzzard
1700hrs: 44 Honey Buzzard

A quieter day than yesterday with more birds in the morning and fewer in the afternoon. The stronger wind today pushed the majority of the birds further west and as such their 'starting point' as they approached Gaucin was slightly behind the La Umbria hill giving less viewing time - this was exacerbated by the speed at which the birds moved once they were on the wind! Also, many birds were struggling against the wind with some groups of Honey Buzzard almost flying sideways as they tacked their way south.

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