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Thursday 27 May, 1500hrs: Short-toed eagle over the village.
Tuesday 25 May, Gaucin, 1430hrs, light SW wind: clearly still some late passage migration with 10 Honey buzzards passing over the village.
Monday 24 May, Camino del Peso, north of El Hacho, 1130hrs, clear skies, light SW wind: 3 Honey buzzards, Common buzzard.
Sunday 23 May, La Umbria, 1930hrs, sunny: Firecrest, Nuthatch, Booted eagle, Sardinian warbler, Iberian chiffchaff, Great-spotted woodpecker feeding young in nest hole in cork-oak tree.
Thursday 20 May, 1300hrs: Red-billed chough mobbing a Booted eagle above Gaucin castle.
Sunday 16 May, walking between Atajate and Jimera de Libar, sunny, light SE wind, 1400hrs: This is a great walk of about 1.5hrs each way, some steep bits but good food at the Audalazar restaurant in Atajate when you finish! Fantastic flowers (unfortunately, I forgot the camera) Bonelli's eagle, singing Orphean warbler, Golden oriole, Woodchat shrike and lots of Corn buntings!
Saturday 15 May, 1130hrs, partly cloudy, fresh NW wind: 4 Honey buzzards and 3 Black kite over La Garganta de Las Palas just North of Gaucin village.
Thursday 13 May, partly cloudy, light NW wind, 1130hrs: 3 Honey buzzards over the village.
Wednesday 12 May, La Umbria, 1630hrs: Usual assortment of Blackcap, Chaffinch, Robin, Wren, Great, Blue and Crested tit; many Iberian chiffchaff and one or two Chiffchaff. Also, Booted eagle, Griffon vulture, great-spotted woodpecker. 2130hrs: Red-necked nightjar flying over the gardens between Calle Convento and Calle del Pino.
Friday 07 May, 1700hrs: Grey wagtail in Callejon del Pino - looked like it was carrying nesting material. Haven't seen one in the village there for at least two or three years.
Thursday 06 May, Gaucin village, 1630-1730hrs, overcast, light westerly wind: More than 90 Honey buzzard flying over the village following the River Genal, 25 Bee-eaters overhead, Short-toed eagle, Booted eagle (dark phase).
Wednesday 05 May, 1130hrs, Sunny, light NW wind: 80+ Honey buzzard and a handful of Black kite passing over the Genal valley between Benarraba and Benalauria in one minute. Singing male Golden oriole in Poplar tree and a single Green sandpiper beside the river at Venta San Juan on the road to Jubrique/Genalguacil.
Tuesday 04 May, Camino de Gibraltar, 1730hrs, Sunny, light NW wind: Short-toed eagle, Sparrowhawk (female), Cirl bunting, Cetti's warbler, 2x Nightingale.
Sunday 02 May, 2130hrs: Red-necked nightjar calling in the valley to the South of Gaucin. Hopefully they will be up in the gardens at the edge of the village soon!
Sunday 02 May, La Umbria, 1130hrs, clear skies, light NW wind: Interesting opportunity to hear and contrast Iberian chiffchaff (Phylloscopus ibericus) and (Common) Chiffchaff (Ph. collybita). The songs, at least in this case, were quite distinctive. The wooded valley to the North was full of singing Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs, Blackbirds, Wrens, Sardinian warbers and Robins. Also heard Cuckoo, Great-spotted woodpecker, Eurasian nuthatch and Short-toed treecreeper.
Friday 30 April, hazy, warm, light NW breeze: A lot of Honey buzzard movement today, particularly during the afternoon with several groups of 10-20 passing directly over the village, often joined by a Black kite or two.