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Thursday 28 August 2015, Gaucin, sunny, light-fresh SE wind, 28C

Sightings over the village as follows:
10:30hrs: 6 Honey Buzzard
14:45hrs: 80-100 Griffon Vulture - these were very low over the south of the village and were seen by several residents and visitors. It seemed as if they had homed in on a food source but as they reached the outskirts of the village they all lifted up and drifted away. Slightly odd behaviour not seen before - perhaps there was a food source but they were spooked by something?
14:45hrs:150+ Black Kite, 30+ Honey Buzzard
15:40hrs: Red-rumped Swallow low over Calle Convento/del Pino gardens.
16:45hrs: 2 juvenile Egyptian Vulture (over El Hacho)
18:10hrs: 5 Honey Buzzard - heading NW!
20:15hrs: 7 Honey Buzzard

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