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Saturday August 1st 2015 - Gaucin Castle

A shift in the wind to the North-East and a series of  very bright nights with a lovely full moon produced some changes in the local bird numbers.

Most of the swifts, both Common and Pallid left overnight from this east-end of the village and good numbers of Chiffchaff sp. and Blackcaps came through but the most surprising of all was the appearance this morning of two HONEY BUZZARDS! These very early migrants area heading back to Africa they drifted fairly low over the castle at 8am before flying off down the Genal Valley towards the coast. This has to be my earliest sighting of returning Honey Buzzards since I've been here, how about you Paul.

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  1. Hi Bob. My earliest departing Honey Buzzards in Gaucin were on 11 August, in 2012, so this pair now hold the record.