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Wednesday 13 January 2016, Gaucin, mostly sunny, light SE wind, 16C

Two interesting sightings today....
Firstly a House Martin in amongst a group of up to 10 Crag Martin that were roving around the southern edge of the village from about 13:00hrs. My first thought was that this was an overwintering individual that has hooked up with the Crags but literature suggests that some returning Iberian House Martin from the south may well arrive mid-winter, so this could be a 'first of the Spring' record. Interestingly, last year the 'first' House Martin was seen over the Rio Genal on 28 January, also with a group of Crag Martin, so it's quite possibly the same bird; if so, this would suggest over-wintering rather than an early arrival.

The second sighting was a very vocal Short-toed Eagle, also just on the southern limits of the village at 14:30hrs - this bird was almost certainly an overwintering individual with the first true Spring arrivals usually appearing mid-to-late February.

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