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Sunday 24 January 2016, Gaucin, partly cloudy, light SE wind, 18C

A morning visit to the Rio Genal produced no surprises but it was nice to see a Green Sandpiper there plus a good count of 20+ Hawfinch. There were also at least 6 Common Chiffchaff, ranging from the 'normal' quite bright olive-green colouration though to a very brown individual with just a tinge of yellow showing under the tail.
Back in the Gaucin there was a Peregrine patrolling high over the southern edge of the village during the warm afternoon and a Common Chiffchaff singing below Calle del Pino. Birdsong, of Blackcaps in particular, is changing noticeably from the quieter, shorter subsong to the more vocal full song.

Grey Wagtail on the Rio Genal

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