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Sunday 01 November 2015, Gaucin, cloudy, rain, E-SE wind gusting to gale force, 15C

Just a weather report today as Gaucin experienced some serious rain mid-afternoon on Sunday that resulted in some flooding of houses. Despite a 'yellow' weather warning it had all been quite subdued, if a little windy, until the skies turned a darker shade of black just before 17:00hrs and the rain began to fall heavily; over the following 45min a total of 45mm of rain fell, overwhelming some of the drains and forcing its way into several houses.

Callejon (Rio!) del Pino

Cars struggled along Calle Convento

Fire brigade called to pump out
Water entered houses and forced its way out

Weight of water enough to smash through double glazed doors
Water was an uninvited guest at this house


  1. hey Paul, sounds pretty bad over there, I have still got a house in the village? cheers Bob

    1. Still there as far as I can see! Thankfully dry for a few days now.