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Tuesday 28 May, Gaucin, cloudy, light-fresh W-NW wind, 17C: There was a single Honey Buzzard through on Sunday morning whilst I was doing the second Semana Cultural bird walk but not much else of note. Today, in the wind, it felt cooler than the 17C it was. A mid-afternoon walk up the slope leading to El Hacho produced few birds, a couple of singing Cirl Bunting and Sardinian Warbler the 'highlights'. There were a few butterflies on the wing, including Spanish Gatekeeper and Spanish Marbled White, see photos. Also still a lot of superb flowers around including Corymbose Sheep's Bit Jasione corymbosa and Rampion Bellflower Campanula rapunculus, see photos.

Spanish Gatekeeper

Spanish Marbled White

Corymbose Sheep's Bit

Rampion Bell Flower

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