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Saturday 25 May, Gaucin, sunny, calm air-light W-SW wind, 23C: At 1000hrs I led a 'birdwatching walk' to La Punta Umbria as part of Gaucin's Semana Cultural (Culture Week). Despite the presence of several young children and a large dog we still managed to see or hear all of our target species except European Bee-eater (though I did hear some a couple of hours later whilst at home!). Everyone was thrilled to see several Honey Buzzard moving North as well as a Peregrine, especially as they weren't on our list. Small numbers of Honey Buzzard continued to move through throughout the afternoon and surprisingly one group of 12 was accompanied by four, presumably late-arriving, Black Kite.


  1. Hi Paul - nice to hear the Honey Buzzards are still moving through - I haven't seen one at all over Marbella this year. There is some very odd weather this year - and i've been here 24 years! Whereabouts does the Punta Umbria walk start?? have scowered old military maps and still none the wiser! Take care.

  2. Hi Kev. Thanks for reading the blog! The Punta Umbria walk starts from just opposite the 'Mirador de Gaucin' viewpoint, on the right about 200m out of Gaucin in the Ronda direction. Not sure it's on any maps but is quite easy to follow if you find the start. Weather still odd today, too!