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Saturday 31 March, Gaucin, light SW wind, mostly cloudy, frequent rain showers, 13C: What a difference a change in wind direction makes! After a dearth of migration sightings there was a huge influx today - probably as a result of birds being held up by the bad weather in northern Morocco over the past few days. Highlights were as follows:
1300hrs: 1 juv/female Marsh Harrier
1500hrs: 6 Booted Eagle
1530hrs: 1 juv Osprey, Short-toed Eagle, Sparrowhawk (local), Common Kestrel (local), 20-30 Barn Swallow and one unidentified medium-sized very dark falcon!
1620hrs: 9 Booted Eagle
1640hrs: 18 Black Kite, 6 Booted Eagle
1645hrs: 60 Black Kite, 1 male Marsh Harrier
1700hrs: 1 adult Osprey - very close to the village, heading roughly E-W.
1740hrs: 1 Montagu's Harrier

Bear in mind that I wasn't out watching all afternoon - this is just what I saw each time I ventured outside between the showers!

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