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Saturday 19 March: Decided to have another look for the Waxwing so got up at 0600hrs and braved the frost to head off to Morrison's car park in Woosehill near Wokingham. Shortly after I got there I bumped into the guy who saw them yesterday and we spent an hour looking for them without success. He then left to go home and I carried on looking - after about 10 minutes he came running back excitedly telling me he'd seen a flock of 21 Waxwing in some Poplar trees about 200m away. We spent another 30 minutes looking before he gave up and went home leaving me to scour the treetops with ever decreasing confidence that these elusive birds would show themselves. At 0830hrs I decided to have one more look in the birds' favoured Poplars before going home to warm up my near frostbitten toes! To my surprise some movement right at the top of one of the trees proved to be a Waxwing, closely followed by another 20, or so. I watched them for a further 10 minutes before something spooked them and they flew off out of sight. I managed to get a couple of distant photos through my binoculars just to prove that they did turn up!

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