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Saturday 25 February 2017, Gaucin, partly cloudy, light W wind, 17C

A change in the wind direction brought the first returning Black Kite of the year over the village. Janys saw them first whilst sitting on the terrace; she called me but by the time I'd run upstairs, crashed my knee into a door frame and uttered the usual 'where are my f***ing bins?', they had gone. Still, a few minutes later there were more:
15:00hrs 50+ Black Kite
15:30hrs 10 Black Kite
Whilst hanging out the washing mid-afternoon (someone has to do it) I was treated to the wonderful sound of two first-summer Blue Rock Thrush having a sing-off. Marvellous.
female Stonechat
Blue Rock Thrush
Blue Rock Thrush (the same one)

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