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Monday 20 June 2016, Gaucin, sunny, light E-SE wind, 26C

Some late Spring passage today with three small groups of Black Kite (9, 13, 4) moving through over the village between 11:15-11:45hrs.

Along the Camino de Gibraltar this morning there was a family of Bonelli's Warbler flitting between the olive trees; also, Golden Oriole was heard from the poplar trees further down, past the house that used to be called El Nobo and beyond Finca Alboran.

The last  week or so there have been some wonderful display/feeding flights by one of the local intermediate morph Booted Eagles as it calls and dives from on high, wings folded, swooping back up again just a few metres from the ground. A Short-toed Eagle has also put in an appearance close to the south of the village. The male Blue Rock Thrush is still around on the half-finished house in Calle Convento where they appear to have bred this year.
male Blue Rock Thrush

Swift sp. numbers are building up as this year's young take to the skies with the adults - no sign of an Alpine Swift among the melee so far.
Pallid Swift

Photo-bombed by a Pallid Swift!

Pallid Swift with full crop

Pallid Swift

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