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Saturday 14 May 2016, Gaucin, mostly sunny, light NW wind, 20C

After 9 consecutive days of rain (the Mays of the previous 3 years had just 3 days each) today was dry, if you discount the 1mm that fell in the early hours!

There were 2 Black Kite just north of El Peso during the morning and another 4 low over the village around mid-day. 3 Common Crossbill flew over Calle Convento late afternoon but the star performance was by 4 Red-necked Nightjar that hawked insects low over our terrace between 21:45 and 22:00hrs. We used to see these wonderful birds each Spring around this time but in recent years they've not been so reliable; great to see them back!
Nice to see the streams running again

View from the cork oak woods near El Peso

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