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Monday 13 July 2015, Gaucin, sunny, light S-SE wind, 34C

An early morning walk to watch the cork cutting produced very few birds, though a Booted Eagle alighting from a nearby tree was a nice sight. Apart from that there were a handful of European Bee-eater and the occasional Sardinian Warbler calling from the scrub.
In close proximity to the village there are at least two pairs of Booted Eagle as yesterday there was a mixed light/dark morph pair displaying low over Bar Pajuelo and this morning a light morph pair just east of El Hacho.

Some photos of the cork cutting, or's still a heavily manual process with mules used to transport the cut sections of cork up the steeply-wooded slopes. The harvest is still weighed using the ancient quintal measure which equates to 46kg.

Cork is still removed using a sharp axe

One of the largest cork oaks, alcornocales, in the area

Loading the mules

Bringing the cork up to be weighed
Traditional weighing apparatus

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