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Monday 08 September 2014, Gaucin, mostly sunny, light-fresh W-NW wind, 29C

Continuing westerly winds and poor weather further north means raptor passage remains quite quiet. This morning there were two Blue Rock Thrush around the castle, one singing occasionally. Over Camino de Avedin at 1600hrs there was a Peregrine, 2 local Short-toed Eagle and a pale morph Booted Eagle and moving through:
1625hrs: 7 Honey Buzzard and 1 Black Kite
1720hrs: 29 raptors, very high, but from what I could make out, mostly Honey Buzzard with a couple of Black Kite

Tim Birkhead reported 100+ Alpine Swift at 2000hrs today, hawking newly-hatched flying ants also a flock of 50+ European Bee-eater. I wrote off the Calle Convento Swifts too soon as there was a single Common Swift around at 2030hrs this evening.

There are quite a few butterflies around, especially Wall Brown (what a dull name for a great-looking butterfly), including this rather scruffy individual with part of its hind wing missing!

Short-toed Eagle fron a distance of approx. 150m

Spotted Flycatcher, Camino de Avedin yesterday

Spotted Flycatcher, Camino de Avedin yesterday

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