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Monday 19 May 2014, Gaucin, partly cloudy, light SE/W-SW wind, 22C

The cooler weather of the weekend continued today (on Saturday there was even 1mm of rain!) and the wind direction finally swung from easterlies to westerlies bringing with it a subsequent increase in Honey Buzzard passage. Today's sightings as follows:
0915hrs: 1 Black Kite
1145hrs: 9 Honey Buzzard
1430hrs: 16 Honey Buzzard, 2 Black Kite
1500hrs: 20 Honey Buzzard
1600hrs: 10 Honey Buzzard
1620hrs: 7 Honey Buzzard and a 'local' Peregrine
1645hrs: 10 Honey Buzzard
2030hrs: 3 Honey Buzzard - not sure which thermals they were riding at this time of the evening!

Most of the Honey Buzzard were pretty high up and barely visible to the naked eye. During the afternoon there were at least a couple of Booted Eagle and a Short-toed Eagle around, plus small groups of Griffon Vulture drifting about.

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