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Friday 17 January 2014, Gaucin, rain, fresh S-SW wind, 7C

Gaucin remained in the clouds pretty much all day as the moderate rain came and went in waves. As we had some admin to do on the coast today seemed as good a day as any to venture down there. It was a little warmer in Estepona, 13C, but the rain was still around! A quick check of the town beach produced two small groups, totalling about 400, of mainly Yellow-legged Gull with a handful of Lesser black-backed Gull and Black-headed Gull plus at least 20 Sanderling playing 'chicken' with the waves; just offshore were two or three Northern Gannet and there was a Black Redstart on the beach.

At around 1600hrs I went to the port to check out a flock of gulls that I had seen in the distanc from the town beach. This flock numbered in excess of 1000 individuals, probably nearer 1500; without my scope I couldn't scan through for any surprises but most were again Yellow-legged with a good number of Lesser-black backed and Black-headed. Just below the lighthouse a small planted 'garden' has been created with low and medium-sized shrubs; in this area, of probably no more than 10m x 5m, there were at least 8 Chiffchaff sp., 2 Stonechat and a Black Redstart. I imagine this quite undisturbed area would be a great spot for tired migrating birds to hold up before, or after,  crossing the Straits of Gibraltar.

Just as we were leaving to avoid another downpour Janys pointed out some birds on an apartment balcony that turned out to be Crag Martin; there were at least 200 starting to roost, see photos (taken with my phone, through binoculars!):

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