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Friday 30 August 2013, Gaucin, partly cloudy, light-fresh SE wind, 29C

The male Eagle Owl was calling from somewhere just below Calle del Pino at 0630hrs; I got up to try and see it but by the time I reached the terrace it had gone/gone quiet. There was some spectacular migration during the afternoon with numbers as follows:

1330hrs: 300+ Honey Buzzard, 1 adult and 1 juvenile Egyptian Vulture. The number of Honey Buzzard may have been nearer 500 as there were two large 'kettles' of birds to the SW of the village that were constantly swirling around, intermingling and being joined by new individuals making an accurate count very difficult.

1345hrs: 56 Honey Buzzard
1400hrs: 129 Honey Buzzard, 24 Black Kite, 1 Short-toed Eagle, 30 European Bee-eater
1415hrs: 34 European Bee-eater (possibly same birds as above?)
1530hrs: 110 Honey Buzzard
1700hrs: 2 Honey Buzzard, 10 Black Kite

Other than the large group at 1330hrs, the Honey Buzzards were mostly heading NE-SW over the East of the village. In addition to the migrants there were at least 45 Griffon Vulture, 3 Booted Eagle and 1 Short-toed Eagle around all afternoon.

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