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Sunday 29 August: Migrants over Gaucin dwindled to nothing over the last 3 days despite identical weather conditions, although perhaps the 40C+ temperatures put them off! Friday saw a morning passage of a dozen Honey Buzzards and 4 Booted Eagles. Saturday no raptors were recorded at all but 3 parties of Bee-eaters passed in the afternoon, 10, 12 and 26 were noted. Today, Sunday, after a cloudy start, produced nothing at all at my end of the village!! Funny old world - because Paul reported many raptors drifting south, very high up in the afternoon. Just shows you the length people go to find birds...I heard that Paul was lying prostrate on the terrace with his binnoculars, I don't know how many glasses of wine he had had! Yes, it's true, the terrace bit, not the wine! From 1730-1800 there were 75 Honey buzzard and 25 Black kite and from 1830-1900 there were 65 Black kite with a handful of Honey buzzards mixed in. Interestingly, in the earlier passage the Honey buzzards seemed to be heading South-West and the Black kites more due South. Also seen were a Booted eagle, Sparrowhawk and a single Alpine swift.

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