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Wednesday 14 April, 0930hrs, cloudy, light SE wind: Montagu's harrier (male, transitional plumage) flying North over Calle del Pino, Black redstart (female) on TV aerial in Callejon del Pino. 1030hrs: Rocky slope behind the castle: Red-billed chough, Booted eagle hovering against the wind for long periods, Sparrowhawk (female).


  1. Hi Paul

    Sorry about the last comment just wanted to make sure we were registered.
    Anyway we would just like to congratulate you on a great idea...a birdwatch site for Gaucin.We have had quite a few holidays in Gaucin and have found birdwatching to be an increasingly important part of the holiay.We were interested to see the signs around the the town during our last stay in January highlighting the birdlife.We would like to know what we would be likely to see during January.We have obviosly seen the vultures and what we believe to be booted eagles and buzzards as well as kestrels.Also on one of our favourite walks(the Corkcutters)we have heard a magpie like cry but only get a fleeting glimpse of the bird which would differ from the behavior of the UK magpies.
    Paul Gillett

  2. Hi
    Sorry, can't email you directly as your profile is not public (i think!). There are usually one or two Booted eagles around over winter so that's quite possible. The magpie-like cry is most likely a Jay - during winter there can be groups of 6 or more roamimg the cork forests.