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Sunday 28 August, Gaucin, a few clouds, warm, light SE wind: There was a large Honey Buzzard passage this afternoon. Most of the birds seemed to be following the river Genal then gaining height on thermals between Gaucin and Benarraba before taking a roughly N-S route over the village. I watched from 1615-1645hrs from a terrace in Calle Convento and recorded 315 Honey Buzzard, 3 Black Kite and 1 Common Buzzard. I then went down the road to watch from opposite Venta Socorro on the Gaucin-Ronda road hoping for better views - I wasn't disappointed! Between 1700-1745hrs I saw 898 Honey Buzzard, 18 Black Kite, 2 Common Buzzard and 1 Harrier sp. (most likely Montagu's). At times it was quite awe-inspiring as yet more birds appeared out of the heat haze to drift up and join one of the 'kettles' taking advantage of the thermal lift. In total 1213 Honey Buzzard recorded in a little over an hour!

In addition there were a few 'local' birds; 3x Booted Eagle (all Pale Morph), 1x Short-toed Eagle and 20 or so Griffon Vulture.

Back on the terrace from 1925-1940hrs I saw a further 525 Honey Buzzard and 3 Black Kite.

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