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Thursday 05 February 2015, Gaucin, mostly sunny, fresh NW wind, 10C

The 'mostly sunny' weather description only tells part of the story as today it SNOWED in Gaucin as for most of the day the temperature struggled to reach 6C. Admittedly, it was only a couple of short showers but it was most definitely snow, the local children were beside themselves, and I got to hear one of my favourite Spanish verbs, flipar - to go mad for - me flipa la nieve! Driving back from Ronda at 1100hrs it was practically blizzard conditions at Encinas Borrachas, so much so that I gave up trying to see any birds, but on the way back to Gaucin I did see two Black Wheatear on roadside stone walls.

Since the early appearances of single Black Kite, House Martin and Barn Swallow I haven't seen any further migrant arrivals but given the strong headwinds and the current icy blasts that's not surprising. Winter continues with Blue Rock Thrush and Black Redstart still in the village but signs of Spring are there with a lot more bird song and fractious Blackbirds squabbling over territories.

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